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About Us

US Weekly Magazine

We are proud to share with you that our director, Dr. Joyce Peters is often mentioned in the several popular magazines as a weight loss expert. Dr. Joyce Peters our clinic director is one of US Weekly's regular expert references for the magazines top story's that have been featured on the cover, many times. Dr. Joyce frequently works with the writers and editors and consults with them for expert weight estimates on a regular basis.



We Believe Health & Beauty Comes From Within
The core of our services are based on Integrative Therapies and Medical Wellness.  "Beauty Comes From Within" aside from personality, beauty comes from within our body chemistry. If you are searching for the fountain of youth, look no further. The fountain of youth lies within your very own body chemistry. The body chemistry determines the quality of health and functions to maintain homeostasis in the organs, cells and tissues. In fact, the body chemistry is like a battery, when the elements and acids and alkali become imbalanced our energy and life-force becomes like a runned down battery that needs recharging and without a healthy flow of oxygen and nutrients cells, tissues and organs cant properly function to regenerate. 

We test the body chemistry, hormone balance, nutrient absorption and specific levels and then prescribe indi\vidualized  treatment regimens that restore BALANCE to rejuvenate your health and the healthy function of the internal organ systems to deliver optimal state of good health in combination with aesthetic beauty enhancing programs and natural hormone replacement, you could be looking and feeling 10 years younger, faster than you think! Why wait another second to start looking and feeling better? 415-SPA 4U

Spa & Clinic Customers

We are not a Day Spa, We are a Medi -Wellness-Center with a Efficient-Mini-Spa concept that  is the first working class spa chain in the country.  Owned and operated by a group of working class professional with a unique wellness mini spa concept. Our design was birthed by a team of long standing wellness professionals with a back ground in health care fields, designed by Summer Perry, L.A. Zeitgeist Movement activist and wellness entrepreneur and Dr. Joyce Peters, a board certified Naturopathic Doctor and Licensed Integrative Physician certified in Med Esthetics,

The Anti-Aging Mini Spa & Medical Wellness Clinic, specializes in Mind Body Approach to Wellness, under the advice of Scott Miller, modern-day financial correspondent and adviser. Many businesses and consumer must adapt to new markets and economic change. Since only 400 people control 80% of the wealth in our country, the middle class is restructuring and with that comes spending changes. Still, our health is ever important to us and managing stress and looking and feeling our best can be a challenge to the average middle class person in times like these.  At the Anti-Aging Mini-Spa and Wellness Care Clinic, we have compiled some of the most effective and affordable treatments that cover all the basic health, beauty and wellness needs for under 100. dollars. Also, why spoil the fun? We have also compiled  the most effective natural makeover options all at an affordable price.  That is how we are serving the communities of any town in the USA without charging big city prices. We are proud to pamper guests who come to n just to experience the magic of a mini-spa. We understand the mind-body connection, and have treated hundreds of loyal guests to a level of healing and relaxation that rebuilds the core self  after it has been damaged by stress, worry or anxiety from an ever changing world and tough economic times, and to offer worry-free, cost effective and soothing treatments for the body and mind.

The founders developed this spa concept after embarking on their own amazing journey of transformation and healing. In 2007, the study of mind body medicine was made available at Harvard. Yoga and pilates classes were a pincle of the health scene in the LA community.  A new  Korean spa concept  offered amazing treatments that until now were only available in Asia. The US began to learn the concepts of various rituals from around the world and became aware of the power of relaxation within a busy hectic society. Many decided to leave their stress behind, and thus a movement of sorts was born. Wellness became popular as it encouraged a life of peace, tranquility, balance and happiness creating a more healthy lifestyle. Many wellness lifestyle books hit the shelves and our director, Dr. Peters, wrote a book that is available by Amazon books, titled, "The Balance Diet & Lifestyle". After much learning and personal growth, the Medical Wellness Spa offered the convenience of a one-stop-shop for a Balance Lifestyle center incorporating these practices in one setting and offer them to the public.

Their understanding of natural healing in modern times has made the Health & Beauty Makeover center unique. They have learned that helping others has further uplifted their spirits.

The Balance Lifestyle Center is a shop within the clinic that offers an array of wellness home makeover products.  We believe that beauty of body and mind comes together in harmony from thalasso healing and relaxation as we can learn from the ancient peoples of Greece, Rome, Atlantis and Lemuria. We are friendly and welcome you to come in for an initial free consult anytime. You will never look at personal care the same again, in fact, you may never want to leave!

Some of our treatments and therapies have been mentioned in:

Spa Excellence magazine's Reader's Choice Awards, January 2007

Spa Today Reader's Poll Award for Best Spa, February 2006

Luxury Traveler, #1 spa as voted on by readers, March 2004

Traveling Today, Voted #1 Destination , July 2004

Traveling Today, Voted #1 romantic day, November 2005

Travel and Spa magazine, Voted #1 relaxation getaway, October 2003

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Our Staff

We offer a whole-person approach to your best health and beauty. We have a diverse team of staff  members consisting of health and beauty professionals.We offer high quality professional services and we have a network of Licensed and Certified affiliates.  including,  Doctors,  Massage Therapist, Beauty Consultants, Makeover Specialist, Fitness Trainers, Coaches, Nutritionist, Dance Instructors, Yoga Instructors, Physio-Therapist,  Estheticians, Hypnotherapist, Counselors, Nail Technicians &  Cosmetologist.

We welcome you to come in for a life changing experience. She has developed health programs suited for everyone and some of her treatment plans are used at several of the most prestigious clinics in the U.S. from Beverly Hills, Boston, Miami/Ft..Lauderdale and beyond. Dr. Peters is an Anti-Aging Specialist, Weight Loss Expert, Wellness educator and master trainer of spa therapeutics. In her early career she was one of the nations top Nutritionist, she was trained in Chiropractics, and earned a Naturopathic Doctorate Degree in Natural Medicine. Dr. Peters education evolved into and Integrative and Complimentary to Traditional Medicine approach. Dr. Joyce owned and operated a few Chiropractic and Complimentary Medical practices, however, after completing health studies at Harvard in Mind Body Medicine, Positive Psychology  and Weight Loss & Lifestyle Counseling, In additional studies, she was Certified as a Weight Loss & Weight Management Specialist. Dr. Peters most recent studies include Public Health at UCLA and Anti-Aging Techniques at the Cosmedic Medical College, she is certified in level II Medical Aesthetics. Joyce also attended Cosmetology school in her late teen years prior to going into the field of health-care. Dr. Peters has been involved in the Health and Beauty profession her whole adult live and is diverse Integrative health professional with a keen understanding of the proper integration of Aesthetics and Health. Dr. Peters is  the author of the internationally recognized book titled: "The Balance Diet and Lifestyle"  It is now available on Amazon or you can get a copy at the center. This book explains the benefits of the safe, natural, non-surgical, non-invasive therapies that we offer here at the Mini-Spa & Wellness Clinics. 

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